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The Myth of Perfect Skin

The Myth of Perfect Skin

Have you always been scared of putting up a selfie without filters or makeup? Have you been bullied because of your acne, uneven skin tone or freckled face? Do you constantly shy away from cameras due to this?

Then, repeat after me:

Perfect skin does not exist.
Perfect skin does not exist.
Perfect skin does not exist.

Because, this is the truth. The society has created these unattainable standards of how a “healthy” skin should look, i.e. clear, white, hairless and smooth. The reason behind these standards being unattainable is that no one can ever have “the” perfect skin.

The models you see with dewy, flawless skin in magazines, movies and fashion shows have layers of make-up and digital editing done on them. In reality, they are just like any other woman being bullied, by the society, for letting a small pimple grow on their face. Most probably assume that a pimple announces when it’s about to come, takes the person’s permission and goes away obediently when she says no.

Women are humans. Just like humans, they go through stress, anxiety and other unimaginable problems. In addition to that, they have fluctuating hormonal levels, menstrual cycles, pregnancies and what not. Along with the climate of the city they live in, all of these factors are responsible for the type of skin they have. Then, why are they blamed for being careless about their skin, when it is not even completely in their hands?

What’s more, some people might even disguise their criticism with sweet, “helpful advice”. For example:

“Beta, your skin is becoming so dry. You should take care of your skin or else no one will marry you. Apply some yogurt on it every day, men will fall at your feet wherever you go.”

This dialogue has so many things wrong with it, yet no one wants to accept this.

Nevertheless, taking care of your skin and having a healthy skin routine is normal. However, when it escalates to anxiety attacks due to a pimple popping up on an important event, that’s when you need to stop yourself. Turn a deaf ear to everyone and focus the most on improving yourself as a person.

Remember, you are beautiful, no matter what.

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