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Aapna Punjab event at Bollywood Parks



Are you a die-hard fan of the Indian Film Industry? Do you also happen to be a theme-park-junkie?

What if we tell you that there is an entire theme park dedicated to your all-time favorite Indian Films? Sounds amazing, yet seems to be a figment of the imagination, right?

Well, Bollywood Parks Dubai swoops in as your fairy godmother and makes your dream come true.  The “Apna Punjab” mela featured talented and outstanding Pakistani and Indian singers, traditional dance performances, Kabaddi and Fitness Challenges. Since no cultural event would be complete without Henna, you can also colour your hands with beautiful henna designs applied by the artists over there.

All of the activities aimed to pay a tribute to our desi culture and revive its importance and beauty. The event itself was very well-organized, inspiring and creative, deeming it as both appealing to the eyes and enjoyable! So, if you are looking to attend something unique, cultural and amusing, this was it.

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