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Positive impact of Coronavirus

As the coronavirus pandemic has taken over the entire world, most of the countries have gone under a lock-down. Majority of the people are now staying at home and working remotely.

Many have stopped all of their outdoor activities and quarantined themselves at their homes as a smart decision. However, the sudden halt in everyone’s social life has had adverse effects.

Nevertheless, there may be a silver lining.

First, by being “forced” to stay inside your homes, many of you (with healthy and functional families) may be spending more than usual time with them. You can take advantage of this opportunity to bond with your loved ones, maybe over a board game, a cuppa or a comedy movie. Prior to this situation, you may have always complained about not having enough time to sit down with your family. Now, instead of focusing on the negative aspects of this epidemic, you can spend time with your children, parents or life partner and develop a strong bond.

Second, with my munchkins being at home 24/7, I have decided to train them to be independent and responsible. All the house chores have been assigned to every member of my family, which has brought us together and also lessened my burden. With my children learning to make instant noodles, wash their dishes and make their beds, I couldn’t feel any prouder. You could do the same with your children, who will then grow up to be strong and capable.

Third, you also have a golden chance to homeschool your children and become their first-ever best friend. You can start by painting together, baking a delicious chocolate cake, learning a new language or playing a sport. You can also form a trusting, friendly and comforting relationship with them. After all, the relationship of a parent and a child is beautiful, yet delicate; the connection you make with each other now will greatly impact their future.

In a nutshell, I understand that this situation is not all glitters and rainbows. Many of you may still be going out to work or may not have a loving family. However, all I’m going to say is that focus on improving your mental health and choose to look at the bright side of this situation. This too shall pass.

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