Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primers


Primers are literally a godsend for every woman on the planet. Especially for those who struggle with patchy coverage and end up with a melted, messy face within an hour of applying make-up. However, great-quality primers are like a pearl in an oyster: Rare and precious.


I got the opportunity to try out Laura Mercier’s Silicone-Free, Pure Canvas Primers. In this blog, I will elaborate on my experience with each of the five types of Primers: Perfecting, Blurring, Hydrating, Illuminating and Protecting.


First comes: The Perfecting Primer. This product glided seamlessly onto my skin. It prevented my face from turning into an oil reserve, which is an achievement in itself! Moreover, I think the presence of Green Tea Extract and Vitamin C made my skin tone even.


The second savior of the day: Blurring Primer. I am utterly obsessed with those Snapchat filters which give a soft glow to your face and blur out blemishes. You can imagine my excitement when I found out that this primer can do just that – in real world! It also kept my skin nourished and yet again absorbed any excess layer of oil on my face. At the end of the day, my skin looked flawless!


The third knight in shining armor: Protecting Primer. This primer is actually a knight, for it protects your skin dutifully. While being infused with SPF, it provides a protective layer on your skin against harmful sun rays, which slows down the formation of wrinkles and keeps your complexion in check. It was too early to determine the long-term effects of this primer, but I did notice that my skin improved within a few days.


The fourth primer I tried was: The Hydrating Primer. It ensures that the natural moisture of your skin keeps it nourished. The dryer parts of my face (apart from the T-zone), which would quite often give my make-up a patchy look, felt more moisturized and healthy after constant use.


Lastly, I experimented with The Illuminating Primer. This primer actually gave my skin a glowing, radiant look. Being a mother of three children, it is difficult to look bright and active everyday. However, this primer brought out my skin’s natural glow and gave me a fresh, healthy look everyday!


My experience with all five of these primers was amazing. All of them suited my skin for different make-up looks. Laura Mercier’s primers are indeed as valuable as a pearl in an oyster.

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