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TOP 5 Makeup Stores at Dubai Mall




It is a hefty task to get comfortable with some cosmetic brands. I am in the same boat as you all are; I am quite finicky when it comes to make-up, hence, after years and years of rummaging shops after shops and experimenting with all kinds of brands, I present to you a list of FIVE spectacular make-up stores at the Dubai Mall, which are bound to sweep the Earth from your feet and keep you well-stocked with cosmetics, twenty-four-seven!

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ReFest – Environmental Friendly Festival


ReFest - Environmental Friendly Festival

ReFest – Environmental Friendly Festival

Don’t you feel frustrated when you see piles of garbage, a gazillion plastic bottles and even half-eaten foods on the roads and streets?


Well, we are extremely excited to announce that WWF Pakistan has decided to launch an eye-opening event ‘ReFest’ to raise awareness regarding the above. In this event, exceptional singers like Umair Jaswal, Sounds of Karachi, Abid Brohi, Natasha Baig, Naeem Abbas, 21 the band and many many more will keep you on your toes! Along with a day brimming with music and joy, your favourite eateries have also collaborated by setting up hundreds of stalls. With delicious foods in your hand and incredible singers singing their hearts out, what more could you want?

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Screen Time – How much is too much?

Screen Time - How much is too much?

Screen Time – How much is too much?

Screen time is not good for kids, it can cause psychological damage, lead to depression and behavioral problems. Is it any good for adults?

Psychological damage doesn’t depend upon age, so beware you are at risk too!
Sitting behind screens and scrolling down the news feed is what every young mind is addicted to.
Social media has become the modern newspaper, the cool calendar that marks events, the most updated gossip girl and a vicious energy-draining system!

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StarSkin Orglamic Pink Cactus Pudding


StarSkin Orglamic Pink Cactus Pudding Hydrating Cream

Starskin Orglamic Pink Cactus Pudding Hydrating Cream

I am a sucker for good hydrating creams that does the job without making my skin oily. StartSkin is # 1 sheet mask brand world wide I love their masks but Orglamic Pink Cactus Pudding Hydrating Cream is very close to my heart. I was introduced to Pink Cactus Pudding last year at Sephora Multibrand Press Day.  I have been using this since last three months and I feel like I am ready to review it up on my little blog.


A skin-smoothing face and neck cream.

Create the perfect canvas for makeup application with Orglamic Pink Cactus Pudding. The silk-soft pudding formula is enriched with nutrient-rich ingredients including prickly pear cactus oil and cactus extracts, soothing the skin and creating a long-lasting glow.

Read our article on why cactus is the ingredient you need in your skincare routine

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She is birthed. She is loved, cared for and respected. She is educated. She is wanted. She is confident. She is strong. She takes a stand for herself and others. She voices her opinion. She makes herself heard. She is the light in a dark room. She is independent!

A woman is as strong as she makes herself. The society has seen a drastic change in the roles that a woman plays. From being responsible for house chores alone to stepping out and being the breadwinner. From being dependent to being independent.

Earlier centuries have experienced the main decisions of a woman’s life being made by either her father, brother or husband. Whether she will be sent to school, when she will be married, to whom she will get married and work, that was unquestionably disapproved.

Today its a necessity to be financially stable and independent, irrespective of gender, irrespective of marital status. There are two sides of this coin, one that experiences inflation and the other that faces individuality. Under both circumstances its important for a woman to be able to manage her finances herself.

Step out, learn to earn, make your own choices, make your own decisions, be stronger above all, be a helping hand.