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Mikyajy Store in Makkah

Mikyajy Store at Jabel Omer Mall

MAC Makah Store Visit 

Hello my wonderful readers March is already here , can you believe it? Today I bring you another Mikyajy Store Review & times I have selected a store which is situated in Makkah at Jabel Omer Mall. In my opinion it was the biggest Mikyajy Store I have ever been to. There was a lot of space to move around and explore make up, with three females for assistance. I am going to highlight a few sections of this beautiful store. 
I would like to Thank Mikyajy for giving me permission to do this, I can surely say that Mikyajy’s PR department and staff is of the bests. Sit back & relax ladies as this post is picture heavy. 
This is a Girls Tools section & in this section you can get Brushes,Mirrors, Makeup Storage boxes, Makeup Bags, Nail Art stuff & tools, Make up removers & cleansers.
These are cute little bottles of perfume oils. . I have one in Blue and its amazing you can read my review here.
This section contain sets and fragrances Boxed beauties and a lot of other make up goodies.
This is a bath and body section with a lot of fragrances, body butters, gift sets and body mists.
The upper one is Sabaya Section with all sabaya range of goodies and the below one is 22k range these both ranges are my personal favorites. 
This section is purely dedicated to MINX goodies nail polishes, lipsticks and lip pencils.
blushes, foundation and concealer section.
another view of minx squared counter with mascara, eye pencils & eye shadows. 
The above picture shows the cash counter while the picture below shows the middle counters of makeup goodies.
This section contain makeup kits and boxed beauties perfect for gift purposes.
I hope you like it as I loved these colorful, candy-licious stores . 

Must Haves for Busy Moms!

Must Have Beauty Products for Busy Moms
Being a mother is hard work that comes with a lot of responsibilities
and duties. Trust me I know, we hardly get time to maintain our beauty
regime or follow all the beauty steps but we still want to look like a
SUPER MOM.  I know there are a lot of gorgeous mammas out there, who
would rather eat dirt than compromise on looking good, I am unashamedly
one of them too, and that is precisely why I will be compiling a list of
must have beauty products for busy mothers.

It’s a small list that will keep up your looks without taking too much of your time.

BB Creams 
Creams you must have heard about it as these creams have created quite a buzz
in the cosmetics industry.  BB creams are
basically all in one product as it protects your skin from sun light, prevent
pimples also covers the imperfections. Not only this, BB Creams also have
anti-aging properties therefore it has taken the first place in our list. Just
one little tube can make you skip steps of moisture, prime & foundation

I use NARS Tinted Moisturiser review here
You can also check 
Revitalift Total
Repair 10 BB Cream
Skin Perfector BB Cream
Body Shop All in One BB Cream 
Eye Pencils/ Crayons 
beauty brand in the market is coming up with gorgeous colored eye crayons. What
is Eye Crayon? A jumbo sized pencil with very soft formulation and thicker
application, these crayons are available in variety of matte and shimmering
colors. These crayons are must have product for our busy moms it can be used as
eyeliner as well as eye shadow. These Crayons are life savers when you have just
three minutes timeframe to do your makeup all you need is just one swipe of the
product and your eyes will pop. The best part these are available in variety of
colors and textures. 
I use 22k Dazzling Shimmer Eyeliner review here 
You can also check  
I know I don’t have to
emphasize over the importance of concealer, it is the most important make up
product & one should always use it properly. Concealer is not only used to cover
up all those Blemishes, hormone-induced pigmentation and those horrible dark
circles under eyes but can also be used as an eye shadow base. Use of a
concealer under your eyes can give you a sudden wide awake look.  Try to find the best shade for your skin tone
by applying a patch of the product near your neck; always remember the shade of
the concealer should be one shade lighter than your actual skin tone. 

 I use Garnier Anti Dark Circles concealer review here. 
You can also check
Cheek Tint
yourself a natural looking cheek tint, it is a gel like product which you apply
to your cheeks to add a bit of color. 
Cheek Tint gives the appearance of healthy fresh, natural glow to your
cheeks. It is very easy to apply as it blends smoothly plus it stays put for a
longer timer as compared to a blush-ons. A lot of Beauty Brands have launched
drool worthy cheek tints the best part about cheek tints is that you can easily
use it as a lip stain. With a cheek tint you won’t even need a brush just
smudge the product with your fingers and you are good to go.
Poise Tint
Body Shop Lip & Cheek Tint
Cheek Stain

my favorite beauty product I feel it’s the beauty product with the most impact
of course, after a lipstick.  Mascara adds definition, depth and enhances
your eye lashes. It can easily give the illusion of Wide-Awake eyes by pluming
up those lashes.  Take our advice invest into good voluminous mascara and
thank me later.

I use a lot of mascaras here
They’re real Mascara
Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara
Amazing Effect Mascara 

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In my Clutch!

Hello Gorgeous Readers
I believe you have been well and today’s post is a bit different one. I have already mentioned in my post that I carry a lot of stuff with me even when I attend parties and last night I came from a formal dinner and thought I should make a post of what I usually carry in my clutch bag. The stuff you can see 
Maybelline Fit me Compact Powder 
Lancome Hypnose travel size mascara 
Mikyajy Automizer for perfume
22k Lipstick 
Chewing Gum Spout 
Mac Girl About Town 
Cell Phone 
Tissue papers inside the bad
I would love to see what you carry in your handbag, I hope you have enjoyed this post. 

22K Astonishing Nail Enamel + Giveaway!

22k Astonishing Nail Enamel Giveaway
Hello Wonderful Readers! 
I believe you have been well. 
I usually don’t do Nail posts but this is my first one which comes with a little treat for you guys.

First here have a look at the swath of this 22k Astonishing Metallic Finish Nail Enamel by Mikyajy. How gorgeous the shade is I love the packaging too.

22k Astonishing Metallic Finish Nail Enamel in Granite Pink by Mikyajy

22K Astonishing Nail Enamel Metallic
It’s all about glam, sophisticated
nails that put your hands in the limelight. held in a glitzy bottle with the
signature 22K gold seal and packing a mean brush for easy application, this
high gloss metallic finish nail enamel comes in six drop dead gorgeous
chip-resistant shades. wearing shiny metallic nail enamel is how we express our
daring side, so grab a bottle and let your nails do the talking
You can get it from any Mikyajy’s
store its priced at 45 AED/ PKR 1125.
Now come to the exciting part of this post I am going to give this 22k Astonishing Nail Enamel in Granite Pink to my one Lucky Reader.  All you have to do is
Follow my blog via Bloglovin or GFC
Like my Facebook page and Share this Post on your Facebook Wall.
Just leave a comment after you have done all the steps. 
This giveaway is open to Pakistan Only Sorry and will end on 22nd July!

22K Astonishing Nail Enamel Metallic Finish


22K Celestial Metallic Finish Lipstick

22k Celestial Metallic Finish Lipstick by Mikyajy
Product Description:
As retro pop makes a comeback, we bring you a super charged metallic lipstick that outs a whole new spark into your beauty regimen. Its bold and fashion-forward, yet remains subtle, with 12 bright, luminous shadesthat provide soft and comfortable wear. Choose from colors that range from outrageously out-there to coy and edgy.
Why I like it? 
This lipstick definitely is very comfortable to wear, though I am not a big fan of its packaging but, I am a super duper fan of its formula. I have mine in Primadonna Pink shade which is shade # 2 and is a soft pastel pink in Color perfect for day time. 22k Celestial Diva lipstick has silver frosty finish to it with excellent color pay off. I have had no problems with its application as it glides on very smoothly.  Its light very light & can provide medium to high frosted shimmered lips depends how you want it. As long as the staying power is concerned the lipstick stays put for good two hours on my lips. The lipstick is available in 12 beautiful shades.
What I don’t like about this lipstick is its packaging as it looks little bulky. 
Be very careful with frosty finished lipstick, when generously applied it can simply look weird.
Mikyajy 22k Celestial Metallic Finish Lipstick in Primadonna pink

Left one taken in yellow light & the right one in day light.

Upper picture taken in yellow light & lower one in day light. 
You can get this one from any Mikyajy Store or from Mikyajy’s Website and its priced 70 AED. 

Have you tried this one? Do you like frosty finish?? 
as retro
pop makes a comeback, we bring you a super charged metallic lipstick
that puts a whole new spark into your beauty regimen. it’s bold and
fashion-forward, yet remains subtle, with 12 bright, luminous shades
that provide soft and comfortable wear. choose from colours that range
from outrageously out-there to coy and edgy. – See more at: