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Sabaya Beauty Essentials Kit by Mikyajy
Hello Gorgeous Readers 
Today I am going to talk about a cosmetics bag filled with beauty essentials. Last year I got sent a beautiful package by my Favorite brand Mikyajy & I have been loving it and using it since then. Lets have a look at the product claim first.
Product Claim:

Who says you have to truck around a
ton of makeup to get a look that works on you? The Sabaya Beauty Essentials
contains 5 no-hassle beauty must-haves that simplify your makeup routine and
pretties you up for the world.
It gives you some of the most
frequently used items from the Sabaya and Girl Tools lines, including the
Sabaya Line & Lash Volume Mascara & Liquid Eyeliner, Sabaya Line &
Shadow Pencil 01, Sabaya Caring Lip Gloss 09, the Girl Tools Round Mirror and
the Girl Tools Purple Atomizer.



Why I love it:
You get five essential products in this one little cosmetics pouch. The Pouch is beautiful and perfect for traveling purposes.  A dual Mirror helps you to quick fix up your make up.  An Automizer for carrying your favorite perfume around all the time here is a detailed review of Mikyajy Automizer. Black Eye Pencil A must have item for me I have recently finished my old one now I am using this perfect little thing.  Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner, this is great two products in one I love the liquid liner the brush is amazing, the color is jet black. As far as the mascara is concerned I love how it curls and volumizes my lashes but the formula is too thick.  Last one A Clear Lip Gloss, apply it as it is or over a lipstick. Even after these five things there remain a lot of space in the pouch so you can add up a few extras. All in all I feel like its a must have for people on the go. You can get it from any Mikyajy Outlet or online at or here  it comes with the price tag of AED 149. 
Sabaya Beauty Essentials Kit
Mikyajy Mirror girls tools
Mikyajy Automizer
Sabaya Clear Lip Gloss
Sabaya Liquid Eyeliner
Sabaya Volume Mascara
Sabaya Line and Shadow pencil Mikyajy
Sabaya Beauty Essentials Mikyajy
Tell me have you tried this one?  What’s your take on it? 
Disclosure: The product was sent by Mikyajy for Review purpose.