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L’OREAL le blush in sandalwood pink

L’OREAL le blush in sandalwood pink 
L’oreal le blush in Sandalwood Pink


Hello Readers
How have you been?  Today I m going to talk about  L’Oreal its le blush in sandalwood pink. I purchased it from Naheed Super Store for Rs. 1650 & I have been using it for quiet a while now.

Product Description:  
L’Oréal Paris True Match Blush is the perfect finishing touch to
your look. The soft, powder blush provides a soft shimmer for a
healthy-looking complexion.

L’Oréal Paris True Match Blush comes in pink, apricot and honey hues to match every woman’s skin tone – warm, cool or neutral.
Its compact-size, with a brush and mirror neatly inside ensures easy-on-the-go application.

Lets get on with my review.
I love the color of this blush its real soft pink and It looks very very natural when applied. It’s velvet smooth very easy to apply but you need a lot of product to build the color.  The powder is soft and has got little glitter to it ( you can see it in the picture which I took in the sunlight else it is hard to see). I absolutely love how it looks in sunlight and that’s why I wear it mostly in day time. The lasting power of this blush is pretty decent.  It stays put for like 4 hours on my skin and after that loses its charm. 
The pigmentation of this blush is just fine, like I mentioned you need a lot of product to build the color. I don’t see anywhere written how much of the product is in the pan.The packaging of the blush is good and there is tiny mirror n brush  in the compact which is a big hit. I don’t like the bristles of the brush they are so stiff, in fact I don’t like the brush at all. If you want to get this le blush you can get it from any of the L’Oreal counter or if you have tried this one then I would love to know your experience.
Disclosure: The article was originally written for Bridal Lounge.   
L'OREAL le blush in sandalwood pink

L’OREAL le blush in sandalwood pink

Picture taken in sunlight 
L'OREAL le blush in sandalwood pink

L’OREAL le blush in sandalwood pink

Le blush in sandalwood pink  

Mikyajy Lip Fx in pink

Mikyajy Lip FX

I am sure you all must have one favorite lip shade and you all save it for special occasions. I have a few favorites too & today’s post is going to be about my all
time favorite products. This post has got less words and lot of
pictures =p

Mikyajy Claims:
Lip FX Pink
a distinctive looking lip-shaped tin containing five
fabulous products, including a lipstick, lip tattoo pen, lip gloss, lip glaze
and lip liner with brush applicator, giving you all you need for the perfect

I Love I Love I love Lip FX by Mikyajy! 
Got this as a present 2010 and since than using it with utmost care. This cute box is named Mikyajy Lip FX has got five products carefully packed in it. The box is really box looks very girly on dressing table but its not travel friendly. I have mine in the shade pink it comes in red too. The box contain
1 Lipstick
1 Lip Stain
1 Lip Shine
1 Lip Pencil with brush
1 Lip Glaze
The Lipstick is hydrating, no smell, no taste, looks divine when
applied, has got creamy texture hence it glides on effortlessly. As long as the lasting power is concerned this little baby stays put for good 3 hours without touch ups. I don’t
like how it melted and broke as it requires much more care now.
The Lip Stain is just fine I don’t use it much that’s why
it’s drying.
The Lip Pencil is good but has got very low quality brush.
The Lip Glaze is something I really love its creamy upon application & comes out matte. It very long lasting too the longest I have worn it is for four to five hours without eating or drinking.I love the applicator of Lip
Glaze, it’s of such a good size, not too big not too small which makes the
application easy and perfect.
Lip Shine is the normal gloss with some glitters in it. Once
again it has got great applicator. The Staying power is pretty good; it has got
no smell no taste. All in all it is one of the best boxes I have in my make up

Lip Stain
Mikyajy Lip Glaze, Lip Shine, Lipstick & Lip Stain

Swatches in Yellow light Lip Glaze, lip Shine, Lipstick, Lip Stain

Swatches in White light.

If you need one for yourself you have to check the Mikyajy Counters it retails for AED 139 & comes in two more shades. Name your favorite lip shade of all time. 

Disclaimer: The Product is not a PR Sample. 


Mikyajy Stylish Eyeliner in Night Fever!

Mikyajy 22k Stylish Eyeliner in Night Fever
Hello Precious readers! 
How have you been? Today I am reviewing Mikyajy’s 22k Eyeliner in Night Fever.
I know how hard it is to get Mikyajy’s products in Pakistan But I wanted to share this with you anyway, because the world is much
smaller now and we all know that there are means to get items that may not be locally available.

Product Claim:

bring out
the artist inside you with this long lasting, water resistant gel
eyeliner for precision application using the accompanying applicator. –
See more at:

 Bring out the artist inside you with this long lasting, water resistant gel eyeliner for precision application using the accompanying applicator.

bring out
the artist inside you with this long lasting, water resistant gel
eyeliner for precision application using the accompanying applicator. –
See more at:

Why I like it.
I used this liner on daily basis when I was in Malayisa for Vacation, comes in a small stylish pot & an applicator. Once you apply the liner it will refuse to budge & its hard to remove even with good eye make up remover ( I use Bioderma).  Night Fever perfect name given to the liner as its intense black and it dries down matte with no smudging & fading. Mikyajy 22k Eyeliner  stays put for good time, the longest I have worn it is for five good hours. The consistency of this liner is very thick & its a bit dry therefore it sticks to the brush very badly. It does flake a bit but after good time moreover, its hard to take off from eyes & even harder from brush. 
You can get it from Mikyajy’s Website or any Mikyajy store & it retails for AED 65.

Here you can see I have swiped wet cotton bud thrice with full force and the eyeliner remains same.
How do you wear your liner?

Disclaimer: The product was sent to me for review purpose. 


MAC 266 Small Angle Brush!

MAC 266 brush!
MAC 266 Small Angle Brush
Lets get on with the review straight. 
Here is what MAC Claims:
For creating sharp, precise lines. This brush has fibres
which are carefully arranged to form a perfect angle. M·A·C professional
brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials.
They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.
My Poor Experience:
Purchased MAC 266 brush with MAC Fluid liner last year and
started using it recently. I don’t know what is wrong but I can never make a
precise line with this brush though I use it frequently to fill in my eyebrows.
The size and shape of this brush is perfect for the eyebrows but I feel that this brush is too thick for the application of an eyeliner. I have gone through ton of reviews and people love this brush like anything but I just can’t
master the skill of making cat eyes with this baby. The bristles of the brush
are sharp and stiff. I try my level best to apply fluid liner with this brush
sometimes I get my right eye done correctly but it is impossible for me to do
the left eye =p I always end up with one thick and one thin line. This sure is a Good quality and good price
brush but I am unable to utilize it properly. 

Have you tried this one? Can you make precise lines with
this? If yes then please teach me 😛 lol

My Double Ended Brush Set!

Mikyajy Double Ended Brush Set

Makeup brushes as we all know are very essential when we do makeup. Who does not want a wonderful set of makeup brushes? Good quality brushes always make a huge difference in the application of the makeup. Today I m going to write about my favorite (up till now) make up brushes. These brushes are from Mikyajy’s Double ended brush set. This set contains 8 necessary brushes for everyday use. This brush set is brilliant for travelling purpose and the best part is that it comes with its own covering case. The brushes are soft and the size of the brushes is very convenient to apply (not to long not too short). The bristles of the brushes are very soft yet hold shadow perfectly. The best part bristles of the brushes do not shed trust me I m using these brushes since starting of 2011 and there isn’t any shedding at all.
This particular set includes…
1 Powder Brush + 1 Blusher Brush
1 Eye shadow Brush + 1 Eye Shadow Blending Brush
1 Mascara Wand + Angled Eye Brow Brush and
1 Liquid Eye liner +  Lip Brush
Here what Mikyajy says about their Double Ended Brush Set: 
This set contains 8 essential brushes for everyday use, conveniently packed in a luxurious patent leather effect case that will easily fit into your handbag. The 4 double-ended brushes include a powder brush and blusher brush both made of natural goat hair, an eye shadow brush and eye shadow blending brush made of natural pony hair, a mascara wand and angled eye brow brush, and a liquid eyeliner brush and lip brush.

In the end I would recommend it to anyone. Have you tried this one?