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Jouer Cosmetics Haul

Jouer Cosmetics Haul


Jouer Cosmetics Haul

Jouer Cosmetics Haul

Jouer Haul


Its time for another haul post yes I treated myself with some yummy Jouer cosmetics Goodies. Here is what I got
 Jouer Hydrating Lip Gloss in shade Mimosa $20
A shimmering Golden Pink
Jouer Cheek Tint in Shade Honeysuckle $20
 A soft poppy peach

A soft pearl for medium to tan complexions I love the Cheek Tint I am using it quite a lot, it suits my complexion. The gloss is a bit too glossy for my taste but I am determined to use it in one way or another, lets see what I do with it. 



Jouer Mineralized Face Powder


Jouer Cheek Tint Honeysuckle
Have you tried anything from Jouer yet? Reviews shall be up soon.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector review & Giveaway

Garnier Miracle Skin perfector BB Cream

Hello Gorgeous Readers!
believe you have been well, I am back after 17 days with a lot f energy
and new products to share with you guys but first I would like to talk
about a cream which I loved the most on my trip Garnier BB Cream Miracle
skin perfector in shade light. I know I am the last one but I have finally joined the Garnier BB Cream Bloggers Hype, better late than never.  At first I thought that light shade is too dark for my skin but it matched perfectly. 

Here is what Garnier Claims:
The Problem:

Skin concerns, such as discoloration, dullness, blotchiness and
dryness can come from a number of different sources. It’s hard to find
just one product that adresses all these concerns at once.

Garnier introduces its first BB Cream, Miracle Skin Perfector.
Multi-benefit skincare that combines intense hydration with tinted
minerals and vitamin C.

The Result:
Instantly: Skin looks naturally more even, radiant and smooth.
After just one use
of women reported instantly smoothed skin upon application

of women noticed a more even complexion

of women said that their skin had a healthy glow after use
My Experience:
BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector comes in good looking 50ml tube which
is very travel friendly I Love BB Creams I believe they are great
alternative to wearing foundation on daily basis. Garnier BB Cream has
got thick creamy consistency I usually apply it after moisturizing my
skin and  it blends very smoothly. This Cream is very light weight
provides decent coverage and gives dewy finish.  The best part is that
it hides red patches, blemishes marks and evens out my skin tone.  I
took this little tube with me on my trip to Saudia and I loved wearing
it in Madinah as weather there was cold and dry and I used to apply
Garnier BB Cream for decent
coverage.  What I don’t like about this BB Cream is the smell
of it, though it remain in the tube only, and it fades away quickly other than that its a good product for everyday use.

 You can get Garnier BB Cream
from any superstore across Pakistan and it comes with the price tag of
PKR 449 for 50ml tube. 

Garnier Miracle Skin perceftor BB cream
and here is how it wears on me

Left Garnier BB Cream applied and right bare face.

The good
news is that I got sent two Garnier BB Creams in shade Light and I am
giving away one all you have to do is go to this link and enter (link). 

Yes the giveaway in open internationally.

Have you tried this one?  What’s your take on it?

 Disclosure: The product was provided for review purpose.


Pond’s Active Cleansing System

Pond’s Daily Facewash with Active cleansing System

Hello readers and here I am with another Pond’s Face wash review for you guys. 

I purchased Pond’s Daily Face Wash Active Cleansing System thinking that almost all other Pond’s products have worked well on my skin & there is no harm in trying another one.
Product Description: 

Ponds daily face wash is gentle on skin. Active cleansing system cleans
gently and cares for your skin better than soap.Thoroughly cleanses
without leaving slippery feeling on skin. Suitable for normal, dry, oily
and combination skin type.

The face wash comes in white tube with a tight flip cap which ensures non-messy discharge of the product hence making this tube travel friendly. Pond’s Daily Face Wash with Active Cleansing System, just like all other pond’s products, also contain mild fragrance to it, which does not bother me what bothers me is that it
leaves behind very horrible slippery feeling which does not go away
even after washing my face with water for hundred times it remains
there. I did not encounter any kind of breakout with its usage it also cleanse my skin properly but I just can’t use it because it does not come off easily. It was very reasonably priced, I don’t really remember how much I paid for it but I guess it was around PKR 125 something. Its very easily available on all Superstores across Pakistan.  

 Tell me guys have you tried this one? Did it work for you? 
Disclosure: The product was purchased for personal use.


Sunset 372 by Genny!

Genny Sunset 372

My relation with Genny Sunset 372 started back in year 2009 and its still going strong, no matter what I always will love this lipstick of mine, though its in very bad condition these days I face difficulties in twisting it up & I fell like I soon will go out and buy myself a new one.

It comes in a very average kind of packaging I have already lost the golden upper lid of my lipstick tube, it has got faint fragrance to it as well. The finish of this lipstick is matte and sometimes it really very hard to apply, you have to rub it for like three to four time to get the desired color. The pigmentation of this lipstick is fine & I am satisfied with its staying power, as it tends to wear for two hours on me without eating, if applied under lip gloss. The lipstick looks great on its own can be worn under a lip gloss or lip balm. I usually wear it over a lip balm else it flakes really badly and fade away unevenly. The best part about Genny Cosmetics is that its easily available nation wide and  its very affordable. I dot even remember how much I paid for this one I guess around PKR: 100 or 125. 
It has got nothing remarkable about it but, the color, I love it and trying to find a better quality dupe of this color.

 Here is how it wears on me in white and than in yellow light with and without gloss. 
Let me know your favorite orange lip shade I am looking for good orange lipsticks these days. 
Till Next Time. 


Pond’s White Beauty Pinkish-White Glow Lightening Facial Foam

Pond’s White Beauty Pinkish-White Glow Lightening Facial Foam

Hello Gorgeous Readers!

I believe you have been well. Today I am going to review Pond’s White Beauty Pinksih White Glow Face Wash, though the name is too big and too descriptive but it sure does work.
Product Description:
Your natural fairness is hidden by a layer of dark skin cells- Pond’s White Beauty Face Wash is enriched with Pro-Vitamin B3 which helps remove these cells to give your complexion a pinkish White Glow. 
Why I like it.
It comes in a neat white colored tube with pink top and flip cap which is very easy to use. Just like all Pond’s Products it contains floral fragrance to it. The texture of Pond’s White Beauty face wash is creamy and thick but its very easy to wash off. Just a little drop of product is enough to wash off complete face as it leathers really well. It instantly brighten my face and removes dirt and oil right away. I think I like it more than Pond’s Flawless White Natural Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash.  I have been using it since last month and I did not encounter any kind of break outs with it.  It even control oil from my face not for very long but still keeps my face matte for two hours. The best part it does not take away all the moisture from my skin.
All in all its a good affordable face wash I will definitely repurchase this one. 

It retails for PKR 125 for 50ml and PKR 230 for 100ml and easily available on all cosmetics shops across Pakistan.

Ponds naturals exfoliating foam and white beauty pinkish white glow facial foam

In The above picture you can see two of my favorite Pond’s Face washes.
Have you tried this one? Let me know.  

Disclosure: The article was originally written for


Pond’s White Beauty Pinkish-White Glow Lightening Cream

Pond’s White Beauty Pinkish-White Glow Lightening Cream
I have already made it clear in my earlier blog posts that I am not someone who wants to be fairer I am completely satisfied with my complexion. Anyways, today I am going to review Pond’s White Beauty Pinkish-White Glow Lightening Cream.  

Product Claim:
Deeply nourishes skin to a radiant pinkish white glow. Finally, a
lightening cream that goes well beyond just whitening your skin. With
new Pond’s White Beauty, see your skin visibly transformed to a radiant
pinkish white glow. It gently evens out skin tone as it works from
within to nourish your skin, leaving it instantly brighter, softer and
more radiant. And its triple sun protection keeps skin safe from
damaging UV rays. Your radiant, new pinkish white complexion is here to
stay. The Secret of Pond’s White Beauty Revealed…. Now the Pond’s
Institute has created an advanced skin lightening complex by combining
its proven pro-vitamin B3 formula with nature’s own lycopene. It is
designed to dilute accumulated melanin, and help replenish lost lycopene
– the secret behind a glowing pinkish white radiance.
Lets start with good points shall we? 
Pond’s White Beauty Lightening cream has got texture like whipped cream, very light weight & easy to apply. I have combination to oily skin and Pond’s White Beauty keeps my oily T-Zone matte for good time but does not stop sweating. It has got subtle fragrance to it, gets absorbed very quickly and leaves behind a layer of whiteness. The packaging is cute but glass jar makes it non-travel friendly and unhygienic. Doesn’t remove dark spots & blemishes only lightens them for a time being. DOES NOT give PINKISH WHITE RADIANCE its just a normal cream use it if you wish to achieve a nice fresh look.
If you are going to purchase it to make you fairer than you will face disappointment, there is no such cream that can change your skin tone, if there is one out there, let me assure that Pond’s White beauty is not that. 
 I purchased it from Naheed Super Store for PKR 150 for 50 grams its available all across Pakistan and I have seen Pond’s Products in all the big super markets in Dubai.

Tell me girls have you tried this one?  
Disclaimer: The Product was purchased for review purpose.