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Easy Dynamite Shrimps

Foodie Friday with MS
Dynamite Shrimps

Dynamite Shrimps

Those who love shrimp and those who love spice, that’s what dynamite shrimp is all about.
So do try this easy dynamite shrimp recipe out and enjoy every bit of it.
15-20 large shrimps
vegetable oil for frying

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No Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake


Food with MS

Hello everyone, Hope you all are doing good 🙂

As its my first post in this forum so lets share some dessert as its a symbol of happiness and joy.
This recipe is really very easy and best part is that it doesn’t require baking.
I got a very good response for this recipe and this is especially loved by kids.

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Exciting Abhi with Pepsi


PEPSI #ExcitingAbhi

It’s difficult to pass the Korangi Road without giving a look to Pepsi Billboards featuring Syra Sheroz & Feroz Khan. The sight of those boards creates an appetite for food even when the hunger is absent.
Pepsi always do something new whenever there is a need to rejuvenate the love for food. Their previous campaigns and slogans like “Yeh Dil Mange More”, “Dil Dil Pakistan” & Dil Mange Abhi were always liked and appreciated by the food lovers and this time also Pepsi came up with a tagline “ExicitingAbhi”. I love this campaign as they focused to tag Pepsi with your boring meal which gives a fresh and yummy look to it.

“Exciting Abhi“ mainly is focused on people who always want to add something more and exciting to their regular meals. Within very few days of campaign Instagram is already full with crazy pictures of people having yummy experiences, which Pepsi give to their ordinary food.
The Television commercial which I love the most is also very catchy as it features good cast with full of energy, if you haven’t seen it yet, you must.
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Chocolate Malt Cake via Foodpanda

Chocolate Malt cake from The Cakery Via Foodpanda


I was given
the opportunity to try out Foodpanda service  I am sure you all must be
well aware of this portal if no than this is for you.. 
Foodpanda is an online portal where you can order food online for home delivery from hundreds of restaurants. 
one of the easiest food ordering app I have ever used, You just
download the application on your cell phone( you can download it from here)
. Homepage will ask you the area you’re in and will provide you with
restaurant options that deliver to your area. It was my son’s Birthday
and the lady I asked to bake the cake was sick, so I ordered one Via
Foodpanda. There were tons of options and it was so difficult for me to
select just one, also there was no picture reference provided to the
menu, but finally I settled for Chocolate Malt cake and The ultimate
chocolate Brownie from The Cakery. I wanted a happy birthday message
written on the cake so I gave special instruction about it.
took me like four to five taps and my order was placed successfully.
Immediately I received call from Foodpanda service and the guy told me
that my order will arrive in around “50 minutes”.  I even got email
confirmation of my order… 

An hour later my Order was at my door I paid and he delivered the cake.
The cake was fresh with complimentary Tapal Green Tea pack from Foodpanda.
The service was prompt and there was no mistake in the Birthday Message. 
Chocolate Malt Cake via Foodpanda

Chocolate Malt Cake via Foodpanda

The ultimate Chocolate Brownie by The cakery
Foodpanda can be reached via WEB
Food was provided by Foodpanda but opinions are my own.

On my Plate- Cafe Aylanto

Decked Beef @ Cafe Aylanto Karachi

On Tuesday I went to Cafe Aylanto for my birthday dinner I picked it because this place has never disappointed me.  I have always loved their ambiance, staff and superior service.  Cafe Aylanto is perfect for a romantic dinner this place has beautiful indoor and good outdoor setting. Let’s have a look at some pictures I took 

Decked Beef:
What a beautiful looking dish. This beef was cooked to perfection it was juicy and chewy just the way I like it. The serving size was fine too I really loved the flavor of it  but hash brown was pathetic.  

Rocket Chicken:

Rocket Chicken @ Cafe Aylanto Karachi

Rocket chicken well it looked really messy on the place but the flavors were good.  There were too many mushrooms on my plate other than that it was fine but I liked Decked beef more than Rocket Chicken. 

Chili Calamari & chili garlic Prawns
It was really good I ate every single piece of it but Chili garlic prawns were too spicy for my taste. 

Chili Calmari @ Cafe Aylanto

Chilli Calmari and chili garlic prawns @ Cafe Aylanto

Margarita @ Cafe Aylanto

Cuisines :
 Mediterranean and International
Bill for two:  
PKR 6000
Rustic European 

Five out of Five 

Tell me have you tried it? What’s your take on it?