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Kill Black Pencil Gel Liner

What do we all want from our black eye pencil? 

Intense Black color? 
Long lasting?
smudge proof?
I think I have found a good affordable black eyeliner pencil when I went to buy Mr & Mrs Black Eyeliner Pencil.  Today I am going to talk about my new find pencil named BOB Kill Black Gel Eyeliner pencil. I got it from Naheed Super Store for PKR 250 which is nothing as compared to the quality of the product. I can’t say much about the quality of it as nothing is written on it but I have been using it since last month and I have not yet encountered any kind of irritation with it. It smudges if you rub it with your hands else no issues. 

 Tell me guys have you tried it?


For the Love of Purple

Medora Purple Lipsticks
Hello Gorgeous readers. 
 I believe you have been well  today I bring you some yummy purple shades from Medora Matte line of Lipsticks. If you are someone who likes to wear Purplish lip colors than you should definitely read on. 
We all know that Medora is one good affordable brand which is easily available across Pakistan, I own tons of Medora lipsticks. These lipsticks have got matte finish and are pigment packed, color pay off is great too but it fades away horribly especially dark shades.  The shades I am reviewing today from left to right are 
Dark Maroon 
Purple Passion
Sugar Candy

Medora Sugar Candy
Purple Passion Medora
Dark Maroon By Medora
Violet Medora
Dark Maroon, Sugar candy, Purple passion, violet
Upper Dark Maroon, Violet
Upper SUgar candy, Purple passion
Have you tried these?? I don’t usually wear purple lipsticks but I still like to collect =) These lipsticks can be purchased from any cosmetics shop for PKR 100.

Excel Paris Matte Lip Creams review

EXCEL Paris Matte lip creams
 I have seen these gorgeous little tubes in bold and striking
colors on every counter of local cosmetic shops and these are named Excel
Paris Matte Lip Creams. I didn’t buy these but my sister couldn’t resist and
she purchased these two gorgeous shades despite of their beautiful color she couldn’t wear these. I borrowed these Lip Creams from her so I may write a review for
you guys before tossing these into a bin.

Excel Paris matte lip creams are insanely pigmented and claims to
stay put for 48 Hours. I wonder why anyone would want a lipstick to stay put
for 48 hours & these are also enriched with Vitamin E and A.  I know the colors are so pretty even the tube
is cute with a doe footed applicator. The formula is creamy but dries up too
quickly & gives no time for blending and settles into fine lines which give
really bad look.  It stays put for ages
and refuses to budge from your lips I tried to remove it with everything wipes,
water, oil, cleanser, Bioderma but it didn’t come off & left behind a horrible satin.  No wonder the
colors are gorgeous but I won’t recommend you to buy these as there are
no ingredients written on the tube and it does not even come in a package.  If you still wanna try and use it
apply a lot of lip balm before using these Lip Creams these are easily available in market for PKR 150 to 200.

522, 523

Tell me guys have you tried these?


NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Glow!

NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Glow

Hello readers! Today I am going to review my first ever cream blush NYX Rouge Cream Blush named Glow which is a nice plummy pink shade. 

More delicious than peaches and cream? We like to think so. Our velvety
smooth mineral Rouge Cream Blush offers a sheer wash of radiant color.
The glorious payoff is dewy, sultry and long-lasting. NYX Rouge Cream Blush
provides natural, radiant, long lasting color to the cheeks due to a
specially formulated, creamy formulation. Simply dab NYX Rouge Cream
Blush onto skin with fingertips to emulate the look of natural, youthful

Why I like it:
Lets start with the packaging, it comes with a transparent domed shaped flip back lid, so you can see the exact color of the blush. When I got this one I was quiet worried that it would melt as you all know the intense summers of Karachi but it did not melt. The shade I have, Glow, has got no shimmer in it and it gives dewy finish which I really like. The blush is pigment-packed and build-able but its little hard to blend in  I use my fingers for blending. It lasts for good three to four hours on me sometimes even more when I wear it under a powder blush or translucent powder. This blush gives a nice healthy glow to my cheeks and it never ever looked like an oily mess.  Besides blending problem I don’t have any issues with this blush and I would try some other colors too. If you have dry to combination skin than you should definitely give it a go.

NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Glow

Here have a look how it wears on me 

The blush is available in 13 shades from so you are bound to find a color of your choice.   You can get it from NYX website for  $6 and my Pakistani readers can get it from Beauty Unleashed. Tell me about your favorite cream blush. Any recommendations? 


Sunset 372 by Genny!

Genny Sunset 372

My relation with Genny Sunset 372 started back in year 2009 and its still going strong, no matter what I always will love this lipstick of mine, though its in very bad condition these days I face difficulties in twisting it up & I fell like I soon will go out and buy myself a new one.

It comes in a very average kind of packaging I have already lost the golden upper lid of my lipstick tube, it has got faint fragrance to it as well. The finish of this lipstick is matte and sometimes it really very hard to apply, you have to rub it for like three to four time to get the desired color. The pigmentation of this lipstick is fine & I am satisfied with its staying power, as it tends to wear for two hours on me without eating, if applied under lip gloss. The lipstick looks great on its own can be worn under a lip gloss or lip balm. I usually wear it over a lip balm else it flakes really badly and fade away unevenly. The best part about Genny Cosmetics is that its easily available nation wide and  its very affordable. I dot even remember how much I paid for this one I guess around PKR: 100 or 125. 
It has got nothing remarkable about it but, the color, I love it and trying to find a better quality dupe of this color.

 Here is how it wears on me in white and than in yellow light with and without gloss. 
Let me know your favorite orange lip shade I am looking for good orange lipsticks these days. 
Till Next Time. 


SEPHORA Instant Refreshing Toner!

SEPHORA Instant Refreshing Toner

Hello Gorgeous Readers. How have you been? Today’s review is all about my SEPHORA Instant Refreshing Toner.I am glad that Sales girl suggested me to buy this as it works really well on my oh-so-sensitive-skin these days. 

What it is:
A hydrating mist that refreshes and tones skin after makeup
removal. What it is formulated to do:This toner adds the perfect final
touch to makeup removal, working instantly to leave skin incredibly
refreshed, toned, and prepared for the application of moisturizer. Its
updated formula includes HydroSenn+, a natural ingredient proven to
deliver immediate and long-lasting hydration more effectively than
hyaluronic acid. This product also includes ginseng to refresh and tone
skin naturally. What it is formulated WITHOUT:- Parabens- Sulfates-
Synthetic Dyes- GMOs- TriclosanWhat else you need to know:HydroSenn+ is a
plant-derived ingredient that leaves skin feeling soft and luxuriously
comfortable. This product does not contain soap.
It really makes my skin look fresh, has got strong fragrance to it as well, though it does not bother me but I don’t like the idea of scented skin care products. I have got mine in 50ml bottle and I purchased it for 18AED I guess means PKR 450. The bottle is made of plastic and perfect for traveling. I did see some betterment in the condition of my skin the best part it is Alcohol free. It did not break me out and I didn’t encounter any kind of irritation with its usage. I use it at night time after cleansing I apply it with a cotton ball and let it dry, it keeps my skin fresh & hydrated.
All in all I really like this little Refreshing Toner will repurchase it if I get a chance.

Have you tried this one? Name the toner you are currently using??