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Anahilwa The Orange Lipstick

Mikyajy Anahilwa Orange Lipstick
If you guys are a regular readers of my blog you must know that I picked up this beautiful orange lipstick form Makkah and forgot to write a review about it.
Anahilwa is a sub brand of Mikyajy and its quite reasonable one I must say.
Product Claim:
These moisturizing lipsticks promise high color pay off for everyday use. Choose from a rainbow of bright, vibrant colors for every occasion. 

 My Experience:
I have been using it for quite a while now I like the transparent packaging as you can see the actual color of the lipstick also these lipsticks carry the names of Saudi Cities.  The lipstick has got yummy texture its creamy, it glides on effortlessly and provides hydration to lips. This one is rich in pigments  just one swipe and you are good to go I have got mine in shade 09 Abhaqaiq. The only complain able thing about this lipstick is its staying powder it does not stay up on my lips for good period of time and it fades unevenly.

If you want one for yourself you need to check out Mikyajy Stores or their site. These lipsticks are very reasonable SR/AED 19. 


Cucumber Whitening Facial Wash

Boots Cucumber Whitening Facial Wash


Hello Pretty Ladies
I believe you have been well its been a while I haven’t posted about any face wash, now is the time. Today I have a review of Cucumber Whitening Facial Wash which I purchased from Boots Madina.
First thing first the packaging of cucumber whitening face wash is  good you get generous amount of product to use.  The texture of this face wash is light, does not irritate my skin and it leathers really well. It has cucumber-y fragrance to it which fades away quickly. Face wash has very runny consistency too runny for my taste so be very careful when you open the lid also cucumber whitening facial wash is a bit difficult to wash off. I got mine from Boots Madinah for SR 16 which means PKR 480.  Overall this facial wash is a good budget friendly takes away all the dirt from  face and leaves behind smooth clear skin. Boots Cucumber facial wash can also be purchased from Hyperstar Karachi for just PKR 225 only if I had known =P
Cucumber Whitening Facial Wash

Cucumber Whitening Facial Wash


Cucumber Whitening Facial Wash

Cucumber Whitening Facial Wash


Cucumber Whitening Facial Wash

Cucumber Whitening Facial Wash


 You may see in this picture how runny this product is. .
Tell me have you tried this one? What’s your take on it? 


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Fun Times With Mikyajy in Madina

Fun Times With Mikyajy in Madina

I believe you have been well and today I am going to talk about my Visit to Mikyajy Store in Madinah luckily the store was right under my hotel Movenick Madinah. First thing first I loved the location of this store very accessible and convenient for the shoppers with two way opening one from inside the hotel and one from outside.  The staff was wonderful very friendly, helpful & they gave me very warm welcome. I so badly wanted so spend some more time in that colorful yummy store but all the good times must end. Moreover, I would like to Thank Mikyajy for allowing me to do this shop review.
This post is going to be picture heavy so sit back and enjoy. 

Mikyajy Mission


Girls Tools corner


Girls tools and Brushes
Fragrance Corner @ Mikyajy
22k the most beautiful and different counter @ Mikyajy
Sabaya Caring lipstick swatches
Make up Kits Counter
Sabaya Counter at Mikyajy Movanpick Madina

Happy Shoppers
Brush Section

That’s it I have a few more store reviews for you guys, btw I would love to know what do you guys think about this post. 


I am Back

The Clock Tower Makkah the hotel I stayed in.
Hello Gorgeous Readers!
I believe you have been well and I back in Karachi with a lot of energy & a lot of new beauty purchases to share with you guys. 
Have a look at some pictures form my Trip and I will share Hauls  and shop tours soon. 

Lancome counter at  Va Va Vroom in The Oberoi Madina Shopping Mall

Mac at Clock Tower Shopping Mall

Mikyajy at Clock Tower Shopping Mall
Swatch day at Mac in Makkah

Sephora in Jeddah

I will share more in a while and I have a little giveaway for you guys which shall be live tomorrow.