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Let’s Paint it RED

Best Red Lipsticks
is around the block and it’s time to take out and flaunt bold and beautiful lip
colors.I love wearing red lipstick, it’s one of my most essential makeup product,
also it never goes out of trend and if you are lucky enough to find a perfect
shade for your skin tone it instantly upgrades your look. Today’s post is all
about my favorite red lipsticks, bear in mind what suits me might not suit your
skin tone so better try out at counters before purchasing. 
Rubby Woo:
Rubby Woo a very Matte Vivid Blue
Red with a retro Matte finish, once
again prep is most important before the application of Rubby woo as it provides
Suede finish to lips and it can be a bit drying. Rubby Woo is a rich cherry red
lipstick which is hell pigmented, comes in amazing tube, stays put for good
period of time and can be purchased form MAC counters for $16.
Russian Red:
Red is an Intense Blusih red lipstick with a normal Matte finish, no prep is
required for this one, it’s very creamy & glides like a charm. Russian Red
is pigment packed, comes in amazing tube, very long lasting and can be purchased
from MAC counters for $16.
Matte Lipstick Really Red
Really Red is vibrant red which looks absolutely stunning on almost all skin
tones. It provides matte finish therefore preparing your lips before the
application of lipstick is a must, really red stays put for hours. Really Red
is gorgeously pigmented, dries up if you don’t moisturize your lips, can be
purchased from any Revlon Counter it comes with the price tag of $9 and PKR
Color Sensational Red Revival:
Color Sensational Lip color in Red revival is deep blue based red with semi
glossy texture, it glides on effortlessly and gives shiny finish.  Red Revival does not settle into lines, it
lasts for good period of time, budget friendly and moisturizing. Maybelline Red
Revival can be purchased from any Maybelline Counter across the country it
comes with the price tag of PKR 850.
Gypsy Rose 222:
can easily find Medora lipsticks in Pakistan; Medora Gypsy Rose is vibrant red color
with semi matte finish. It’s crazy pigmented, last for good period of time,
budget friendly but fades away unevenly. It can be purchased from any cosmetics
store in Pakistan for PKR 120.  
Cosmetics Essential Lipstick in Fearless
Fearless is another budget friendly Bright Blue based Red Lipstick with glossy texture;
it glides on effortlessly and provides shiny finish. Fearless is Rich Red
lipstick which is creamy, moisturizing and lasts for good period of time. It
can be purchased from and it comes with the price tag of
$1 only. 
Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick in Ravishing Red
This is another Blue based Vivid Red color with
Glossy Texture and shiny finish. It’s very comfortable to wear, it’s creamy,
hydrating and stays put for good period of time. It can be purchased from any
L’Oreal Counters across Pakistan it comes with the price tag of PKR 1300. 
I would love to know your  favorite red shades.

Ruby Woo and Comparison

Ruby Woo Dupes in Medora
Hello Gorgeous Readers!
I have compared my beloved Ruby Woo today with some of my other Red Lipsticks.  I am sure you will love this comparison. 
 Here are the details 
Christine Red Diamond 190
Medora Gypsy Rose 222
Medora Luscious Rose 554
Ruby WOo A53

 here are swatches from left to right
Christine Red Diamond, Medora 222, Medora 554, Mac Ruby WOO

Christine 109, Medora 222, Medora 554, Mac Ruby Woo
  I hope this post was helpful till next time. 

For the Love of Purple

Medora Purple Lipsticks
Hello Gorgeous readers. 
 I believe you have been well  today I bring you some yummy purple shades from Medora Matte line of Lipsticks. If you are someone who likes to wear Purplish lip colors than you should definitely read on. 
We all know that Medora is one good affordable brand which is easily available across Pakistan, I own tons of Medora lipsticks. These lipsticks have got matte finish and are pigment packed, color pay off is great too but it fades away horribly especially dark shades.  The shades I am reviewing today from left to right are 
Dark Maroon 
Purple Passion
Sugar Candy

Medora Sugar Candy
Purple Passion Medora
Dark Maroon By Medora
Violet Medora
Dark Maroon, Sugar candy, Purple passion, violet
Upper Dark Maroon, Violet
Upper SUgar candy, Purple passion
Have you tried these?? I don’t usually wear purple lipsticks but I still like to collect =) These lipsticks can be purchased from any cosmetics shop for PKR 100.

Full Fuchsia by Medora Review, Swatches & Comparison.

Medora Full Fuchsia
 Hello Readers Dont you love it when you find a wonderful shade of lip color which is also very affordable???   I really love it if I find a good color of lipstick within reasonable
amount.  Today I am going to review one of my great finds. 

Its a full
fuchsia lipstick by Medora. I believe ,the brand is available on all the cosmetic stores
across Pakistan.

I love loud lip colors & this one is really pretty, perfect to make a statement,comes in a typical plastic tube. Its a loud
fuchsia pink with a matte finish. The lipstick stays put for good
time & leaves behind a horrible stain. The lipstick can be worn
under a lip gloss & looks good on its own. The lipstick is super pigmented but a little dry takes a few hard strokes . The longest I have worn it is for three hours but it fades off in the inner corners of my lips after eating & drinking (which looks really bad). I got mine from a local
cosmetic store for PKR 100. I have also
compared it with my Mac Girl About Town lipstick & you can see how
close these two colors are.

Medora Full Fuchsia Matte 556

 Here I have compared it with MAC Girl About Town too have a look

 Left one is Medora in Full Fuchsia & Right one is MAC Girl About Town
Tell me guys have you tried this one? or any other Medora Lipstick? 
Disclaimer: The product was purchased by me for review purpose.

Pretty In Red! (Medora #554)

Medora Luscious Rose Matte # 554

Hello Dear Readers!

How have you been? My today’s post is about another red lip color.
 This one is  also from Medora Luscious Rose # 554. Its matte and sometimes dry up my lips. its tasteless, pretty cheap I must say but it has got fragrance in it so if you are someone who is sensitive to fragrance than I would give this product a miss. If you are looking for something cheap , pigmented and long lasting then you should check this out. It stays put for good 3 to 4 hours and yes it leaves behind a stain. The  packaging is OK  not too good quality vise.

This lipstick looks fabulous under a lip gloss or can be worn
on it’s own. I love how matte it is, it is heavily pigmented also. The retail price of this lipstick is Rs: 80 but I got mine for Rs: 95 and the best part these lipsticks are available at every cosmetic shop. 


Pretty in Red Medora # 222

Medora Gypsy Rose 222


Hello Readers!

How is Ramadan going? This post is for all lovers of red lip color out there. 

Before getting married I use to
have only nude and pink shades of lipsticks but after my marriage I discovered
the beauty of red lip color. I love red lip color and I own so many different
shades of it. One thing that you would always find in my make up bag
is red lip color. Today I am going to talk about a really good and really cheap
red lipstick. It’s Medora’s Gypsy Rose #222. This one is my all time favorite
cheap red lipstick I am not even sure whether people still buy Medora’s
products or not because the brand itself is so old, I remember my mother used
to use Medora Lipsticks. Let’s get on with the review of this lipstick.

 The lipstick has got really nice matte finish
which I really like, so if matte finish is your thing then you will love it. It is one of the most heavily pigmented lipsticks I have
seen, the color pay off is amazing. The lasing power of this lipstick is nice
it stays put for like 3 to 4 hours without touch ups. It is super duper cheap I
got mine for like 95 Rupees but the retail price is Rs 80. It does dry out my
lips at times as it is matte. You get a ton of product in Rs 80 I am not sure
how much it is as it’s not mentioned on the tube. It has got little vanilla-ish
smell to it. Hard hand would be needed in winters to apply it otherwise works
fine n glides on easily in summers. The one thing which I really don’t like about
this lipstick is that it fades away awfully. Anyways if you are fan of matte
red lipstick then go grab this one.


Here have a look at the swatch. 

 Have you tried this one? Whats your take on it?