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Travel Tips

Travel Tips


I love
travelling but the hardest part I find is to pack because I always pack more
stuff than I actually need, and sometimes I forget to pack the most important
stuff. I remember I packed so inappropriately when I went to Malaysia after
that I have been trying to learn from my mistakes.  Whenever I travel I try to follow the following steps, I hope you may
find these points helpful too. 
a List:
you are going for a week’s trip or a month’s vacation you must make a list of
things you need on your trip. It’s a best way to pack easily and recheck at the
last moment.
Over Pack:
first rule of traveling, you should always carry what you ACTUALLY need, don’t
pack things for the sake of “just in case”. Try to keep some place in your
suitcase to bring back souvenirs for yourself and loved ones.
your Documents:
things first check the expiration date of your passport; Keep the scanned
copies of passports and other important documents (phone numbers, Identity card
copies, addresses) in the draft of your email box. 
about the weather of your destination; it’s so simple these
days with the help of internet. Pack your stuff (clothes, shoes, hats, scarves,
gloves) according to the climate. I remember I forgot
to pack an umbrella when I went to Kula Lumpur and I had to buy it from there. 
the specification of your meal beforehand, if you eat any particular food.
Recharge all the batters before you leave, your camera, phone, camcorder etc. Take
your charger and extra batteries, I always forget.  Pack all your toiletries in a Ziploc bag to
avoid spill. 
If you
still need extra help with packing there are number of sites which offer great
packing checklists you can check here


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Mikyajy Store in Makkah

Mikyajy Store at Jabel Omer Mall

MAC Makah Store Visit 

Hello my wonderful readers March is already here , can you believe it? Today I bring you another Mikyajy Store Review & times I have selected a store which is situated in Makkah at Jabel Omer Mall. In my opinion it was the biggest Mikyajy Store I have ever been to. There was a lot of space to move around and explore make up, with three females for assistance. I am going to highlight a few sections of this beautiful store. 
I would like to Thank Mikyajy for giving me permission to do this, I can surely say that Mikyajy’s PR department and staff is of the bests. Sit back & relax ladies as this post is picture heavy. 
This is a Girls Tools section & in this section you can get Brushes,Mirrors, Makeup Storage boxes, Makeup Bags, Nail Art stuff & tools, Make up removers & cleansers.
These are cute little bottles of perfume oils. . I have one in Blue and its amazing you can read my review here.
This section contain sets and fragrances Boxed beauties and a lot of other make up goodies.
This is a bath and body section with a lot of fragrances, body butters, gift sets and body mists.
The upper one is Sabaya Section with all sabaya range of goodies and the below one is 22k range these both ranges are my personal favorites. 
This section is purely dedicated to MINX goodies nail polishes, lipsticks and lip pencils.
blushes, foundation and concealer section.
another view of minx squared counter with mascara, eye pencils & eye shadows. 
The above picture shows the cash counter while the picture below shows the middle counters of makeup goodies.
This section contain makeup kits and boxed beauties perfect for gift purposes.
I hope you like it as I loved these colorful, candy-licious stores . 
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Visit to Va Va Voom Makeup store

Visit to Va Va Voom Makeup store

Hello Gorgeous Readers 
I believe you have been well today I bring you another Cosmetics/ Makeup store review I loved in KSA. I saw a lot of branches of Va Va Voom cosmetics store in Madinah , Makkah and Jeddah and decided to do a store review on it. I went to three stores one in Madina, one in Makkah and one in Jaddha and all stores were spacious, striking and fine looking, the staff was very humble and helpful.  Vavavoom deals mostly in high end brands and fragrances I have a few pictures of the store I hope you guys enjoy. 

About the Store:  

VaVaVoom A World of Beauty and Fragrances
VaVaVoom is an exciting concept that brings together the most exclusive and innovative international brands from the world
of fragrance, colour and skincare – all within one store. At VaVaVoom
we know that every women’s beauty needs are unique. Whether you wish to
create a new look just for today or are planning that special occasion, why not make a private appointment for a personalized make over with one of our artists from Top beauty brands.

For stores in Jeddha 

Al Sulaimania Plaza     Jeddah     +966 2 2523846
AlAndalus Mall           Jeddah     +966 02 6303980
Heraa Intl Market       Jeddah     +966 02 6120247
Mall of Arabia            Jeddah     +966 2 6123586
Red Sea Mall             Jeddah     +966 2 2150319
Roshan Mall              Jeddah     +966 02 2368538


Givenchy at Vavavoom
Lancome at Vavavoom
Clinique at Vavavoom
YSL Rouge Volupte shine 14
YSL Vavavoom


Yea thats me and my cousin at Dior Counter =) 
Did you enjoy this post because I have Mac Store Visit post next ?  
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Fun Times With Mikyajy in Madina

Fun Times With Mikyajy in Madina

I believe you have been well and today I am going to talk about my Visit to Mikyajy Store in Madinah luckily the store was right under my hotel Movenick Madinah. First thing first I loved the location of this store very accessible and convenient for the shoppers with two way opening one from inside the hotel and one from outside.  The staff was wonderful very friendly, helpful & they gave me very warm welcome. I so badly wanted so spend some more time in that colorful yummy store but all the good times must end. Moreover, I would like to Thank Mikyajy for allowing me to do this shop review.
This post is going to be picture heavy so sit back and enjoy. 

Mikyajy Mission


Girls Tools corner


Girls tools and Brushes
Fragrance Corner @ Mikyajy
22k the most beautiful and different counter @ Mikyajy
Sabaya Caring lipstick swatches
Make up Kits Counter
Sabaya Counter at Mikyajy Movanpick Madina

Happy Shoppers
Brush Section

That’s it I have a few more store reviews for you guys, btw I would love to know what do you guys think about this post. 


Dior Addict lip gloss in Petillante

Dior Addict Lip Gloss Petillante LE spring 2014

Dior Addict Lip Gloss in ‘Petillante’ 

OK so no I didn’t buy Dior Addict Lip Gloss as I was on tight budget buy yes I applied it for five times a day regularly for 8 days form  a Dior Counter which was right under my hotel Clock Tower.  One day I took the liberty of taking a few pictures and the best part the Dior sales man didn’t mind at all.  I am not a gloss person but after using it regularly I can say that this is my all time favorite lip product. 

Product Claim:
Straight from the runway, new Dior Addict Gloss features a featherweight
formula with a flash-plumping, spotlight-shine effect. Hyaluronic
spheres keep lips smooth and moisturized while mirror-like micropearls
reflect light in all directions for a dazzling finish. The package is
tall and sleek with a Lucite® top that mirrors the nano-spotlight
effect. The precision brush applicator makes for effortless, perfect
application every time.

My Experience:

After such intense usage I feel like I am ready to write a review about it, this is a limited addition shade to Dior Spring Collection. Petillante is sheer peachy shade with a lot of gold & pink sparkling particles in it.  Dior Addict Petillante has got thick consistency, feels very light on lips and it is insanely moisturizing.  It has got tiny sparky particles which provides shiny finish to lips and by shiny I mean beautiful shiny. It contains a beautiful brush which makes the precision application very easy the only thing I don’t like about it is that it fades away quickly on my lips.  Other than that its a perfect sheer shade really worth the higher price.  It was priced for SR 151 which means PKR 4550 but it retails for $30 and you can get it form here

Tell me guys have you ever done anything crazy like I did on Dior Counter?

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My visit to the Dubai Mall & Make over at SEPHORA


Hello Readers!
Today you will be reading “My Travel Diaries” post & this time I am going to talk about my Trip to Dubai Mall and a fun make over I took at SEPHORA and the luxury purchase I made. I went to Dubai Mall twice first trip just to shop and roam around and my second trip was a very special trip as I went solely to purchase a Louis Vuitton Hand Bag as my anniversary present ( yeah Lucky me).  Now lets get on with the details of The Mall, it might be average for people living in Dubai but it was the most spectacular mall for me, it was like an entire new city inside.
I saw many big malls in Malaysia but there was nothing like The Dubai Mall it’s a must place to visit if you are in Dubai I wish I get more chances to go to Dubai so I may explore this Mall in peace as once you are inside you wont remember anything of the outside. You will find every luxury brand in the Mall as it contains more than 12000 shops.
 The Mall is not a place for shopping only but it is also a lifestyle and entertainment destination as it has got an Aquarium, underwater Zoo, an Ice Rink, Multi screen
movie theater and the beautiful waterfall. Out Side the Mall there is this beautiful Dubai Musical Fountain which is another world’s biggest. The fountain is Illuminated at the night time and these fountains dance to the music.
They do a show every half an hour depends on the atmosphere conditions I was lucky enough to see two shows. I so badly wanna go to Dubai once again & shop like crazy as Its Asia’s Number One Shopping Destination. Here are some pictures I took from internet but after these few pictures you will find the one’s taken with my camera.
The Waterfall
The Musical Fountain
The Aquarium
The Waterfall one of the most photographed place
Here are some Cool Facts about The Dubai Mall.
The Dubai Mall I guess is one of the world’s largest Shopping mall.
The Mall has a total internal floor area of 5.9 million square
 It also has a 250-room luxury hotel, 22 cinema screens plus 120
restaurants and cafes.
The Mall has over 14,000 parking spaces across 3
car parks, with valet services and a car locator ticketing system

Below are the pictures taken from my camera.

Sun Set from Metro Window.
Burj AL Arab From Metro Window
If you take metro to Dubai Mall this the stop where you will wait for a bus to take you to the mall. One can also go by foot as the distance is not much, we took bus once and went on foot other time. You can see beautiful Burj Khalifa from this stop very clearly.
SEPHORA @ The Dubai Mall
As we had planned to hit night club(Barasti) after our dinner so I
thought why should I miss the golden opportunity to get my make up done from
SEPHORA. The name of the Makeup Artist was Lubna and she did my make over at
Georgio Armani Counter. I was in a hurry so she gave me a quick make over.
Giorgio Armani Counter SEPHORA @The Dubai Mall
Second day we just went there just to purchase a Louis Vuitton Hand Bag. Taking a picture was strictly prohibited inside the Louis Vuitton Outlet but I still managed to get two =p.
 I found myself in great difficulty as I was unable to decide which one should I pick as every other bag inside that Outlet was a beauty.
Finally I ended up purchasing  Brea MM.
Yes My husband declared himself bankrupt after this purchase =) The above picture features the bag I wanted to purchase but it was so darn expensive =p
I am going to make a separate post about Burj Khalifa & The Dubai Fountain wait for it. I hope you have enjoyed reading this one feedback would be really appreciated.