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At last a new haircut from Nabila’s!

Hello Lovely Followers!
How have you been, so I wanted to cut my hair for so long but didnt get time for it but finally got it done from Nabila’s Salon.

Lets not waste your precious time and get on with the review of Nabila’s Services, and yes I forgot to mention that this was my first experience of Nabila’s Salon.
The stylist was very friendly and understood what I actually wanted, I asked him to give me a cut which suit the shape of my face. Starting from a hair wash to the final blow dry my haircut took around 45 min which I believe is an OK time for a hair cut. The stylist was so cooperative that he even permitted me to go out and check on my baby ( because he was crying like anything) during the haircut . In the end my baby started crying so bad and it was impossible for my husband to handle, the stylist even allowed me to hold the baby while he blow dried my hair. Can you imagine how messy situation it was, me trying to calm my baby whilst he doing the blow dry. I must say that Nabila has got the best, friendly & most cooperative staff ever. I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking for a stylish and trendy haircut.
After the blow dry my hair looked so nice and hair cut suited my face cut perfectly.
Yes now come to the hair cut charges eeekkk!
I asked them the charges of a few stylist so here goes the list
Nabila her self charges 10,000 RS, I know too much for someone like me =)
Altaf the stylist charges 4,000RS
Jawaid the stylist charges 2,000 RS.
Now tell me guys do you like it or not?  =p This is the recent picture. Have you tried Nabila’s Services ?


My experience of getting L’oreal Powerdose Treatment!

Hello Readers!
How have you been?
My today’s post is about my complementary hair treatment by L’Oreal Professionnel, which I got from Nabila’s Salon. The guy I believe named Jawaid suggested me to get Powerdose not the new Fiberceutic as the quality of my hair is very good and Fiberceutic is basically an emergency treatment for very damaged hair. So I decided to get The L’oreal Powerdose treatment here is how i find it.

My treatment started at 2:45 the process was not so long it took around 45 minutes to get the whole thing done which I believe is very good. The treatment started with a hair wash then application of the hair mask and Powerdose spray & wash in the end. They asked me wash my hair after a day to see the results. After the wash I felt my hair a lot more smooth & glossy. The dryness of my hair was no where to be seen which I loved. Overall, the treatment worked well for my hair sad that I didnt get the chance to try out the Fiberceutic, the new launched treatment by L’oreal Professionnel. Anyways after getting the Power-dose treatment my hair looked wonderful. If you have a wedding or some kind of event to attend then get this power-dose treatment done, it lasts up to two to three washes.