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Anahilwa The Orange Lipstick

Mikyajy Anahilwa Orange Lipstick
If you guys are a regular readers of my blog you must know that I picked up this beautiful orange lipstick form Makkah and forgot to write a review about it.
Anahilwa is a sub brand of Mikyajy and its quite reasonable one I must say.
Product Claim:
These moisturizing lipsticks promise high color pay off for everyday use. Choose from a rainbow of bright, vibrant colors for every occasion. 

 My Experience:
I have been using it for quite a while now I like the transparent packaging as you can see the actual color of the lipstick also these lipsticks carry the names of Saudi Cities.  The lipstick has got yummy texture its creamy, it glides on effortlessly and provides hydration to lips. This one is rich in pigments  just one swipe and you are good to go I have got mine in shade 09 Abhaqaiq. The only complain able thing about this lipstick is its staying powder it does not stay up on my lips for good period of time and it fades unevenly.

If you want one for yourself you need to check out Mikyajy Stores or their site. These lipsticks are very reasonable SR/AED 19. 


Glamorous Lipsticks

Glamorous Lipsticks
Hello Gorgeous Readers
I sure can’t resist to pick up good shades of lipsticks recently I went to market to buy some makeup sponges and saw these beautiful colors and I picked out four. Three from Glamorous USA range and one from BECUTE . 
The packaging is just average nothing too fancy can’t complain at the given prices. These lipsticks glide on effortlessly, have smooth creamy texture and very amazing pigmentation. I can’t tell you about the quality as at this price you can not expect high quality.  These lipsticks stays put for good period of time and leave behind a horrible stain. I love the orange shade by glamorous its beautiful and very eye catching. 
These lipsticks are locally available price ranging from PKR 120 to 150.  

Glamorous USA & BECUTE Lipsticks

Glamorous USA 124, 138, 129, Becute 108

Glamorous lipsticks 124, 138, 129 becute 108

Tell me have you tried these?

Sunset 372 by Genny!

Genny Sunset 372

My relation with Genny Sunset 372 started back in year 2009 and its still going strong, no matter what I always will love this lipstick of mine, though its in very bad condition these days I face difficulties in twisting it up & I fell like I soon will go out and buy myself a new one.

It comes in a very average kind of packaging I have already lost the golden upper lid of my lipstick tube, it has got faint fragrance to it as well. The finish of this lipstick is matte and sometimes it really very hard to apply, you have to rub it for like three to four time to get the desired color. The pigmentation of this lipstick is fine & I am satisfied with its staying power, as it tends to wear for two hours on me without eating, if applied under lip gloss. The lipstick looks great on its own can be worn under a lip gloss or lip balm. I usually wear it over a lip balm else it flakes really badly and fade away unevenly. The best part about Genny Cosmetics is that its easily available nation wide and  its very affordable. I dot even remember how much I paid for this one I guess around PKR: 100 or 125. 
It has got nothing remarkable about it but, the color, I love it and trying to find a better quality dupe of this color.

 Here is how it wears on me in white and than in yellow light with and without gloss. 
Let me know your favorite orange lip shade I am looking for good orange lipsticks these days. 
Till Next Time.