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Pond’s Bloggers Meetup


You must have seen my winning prize from Pond’s on my instagram account.  I was lucky enough to win some ponds goodies for myself n my friend.

 Pond’s team sent me white beauty facial wash and daily spotless cream just like other Pond’s products these goodies didn’t fail to impress me. There was visible brightness on my skin after a weeks usage of products.  Later on,  Pond’s held a bloggers event to re-introduce its White Beauty Cream and Face wash, which incorporates its revolutionary GenWhite technology. The bloggers meet is part of Pond’s continuing effort to help consumers unleash their true self and unblock their inner glow.

The patented Pond’s GenWhite technology contains fairness and skin benefit actives and triple sun-screens and is professionally designed for deep absorption, to go three layers deep and remove dark spots and dark circles from the root – leaving skin fresh and glowing.

Rabia Abdullah, Assistant Brand Manager, Pond’s Pakistan, highlighted, “Good skin is not just about fair complexion but also about freshness and the glow. The GenWhite technology is part of our ongoing efforts to contribute towards Pakistani women looking good, feeling good and getting the most out of their lives.”

The event was hosted by Alishba Yousuf, renowned celebrity and former Pond’s Girl, who introduced inspiring stories of individuals who had experienced the ‘Journey to Inner Glow’ by using Pond’s White Beauty regularly. Alishba also nominated four women to carry forward the Pond’s Legacy of unblocking their Inner Glow.

The journey to unblocking your Inner Glow is an initiative by Pond’s to empower girls to feel comfortable in their skin and then pass on the challenge to several other girls around them.

About Pond’s Pakistan

Pond’s was first introduced to the world in 1846, when pharmacist Theron T. Pond developed ‘Pond’s Extracts’, a witch hazel-based beauty product. It was the first step towards a true revolution in women’s beauty. The brand’s role as a beauty innovator was further established in 1914 with the advent of Pond’s Cold Cream, a product which became the staple of women everywhere. In the 1950s, Pond’s introduced the ‘7 Day Beauty Plan’, the first beauty regime of its kind and a promise that still holds true today. In 2008, Pond’s took a new lease on life. Both inside and out, the Pond’s Institute reinvented the Pond’s range of products to further meet the needs of women. The beauty icon’s global rebirth translates to a completely fresh, revolutionary range of face care products. It featured solutions for all skin types, breakthrough formulations, delicate perfumes, and attractive packaging. Pond’s now offers various platforms such as oil control and acne solution for young women around the world, equipped with the latest technologies for all skin types and ages. Today, Pond’s stands for an effortless blend of science and beauty, a brand which enhances the soft strength of women around the world.


Pond’s No Blackheads Facial Scrub


Pond’s No Blackheads Facial Scrub

Pond’s No Blackheads Deep Cleansing Facial Scrub
I am going to talk about Pond’s No Blackheads Deep Cleansing Facial Foam I have almost finished my tube and I am definately picking a new one when I go to super market.
Product Claim:
introduces its advanced Deep Cleansing Facial Scrub, with the power of unique
Volcanic Clay. Extracted from the depths of the earth, Volcanic Clay is known
to be highly absorbent and acts as a power magnet. New Pond’s No Blackheads
draws out oil and dirt from deep within the skin and with the soft but
hardworking beads; helps exfoliate dead skin cells that clog pores to prevent
the appearance of blackheads. Skin is deeply and effectively cleansed to look
smooth and magnetically beautiful.
My Experience:
 From packaging to performance I like this facial scrub, it comes in travel friendly tube.  The texture of this facial scrub is soft and it has a lot of grainy molecules in it for the exfoliation purpose. The Facial wash cleans face wonderfully, only pea size of product is enough for one time usage. The sad part that it did not remove my blackheads or whiteheads but I still like using it as it cleanses and remove make up amazingly. Pond’s No Blackheads facial foam also kept my t-zone matte for very good period of time I will definitely get myself another tube of it. 
Pond’s No Blackheads facial
foam is available on all leading super stores across Pakistan it retails for
PKR 230 for 100ml tube.

Go Spotless Radiant with POND’S

White Beauty –GenWhite Technology for #SpotlessRadiance!

wondered what dark spots on your skin are caused by?

Dark spots are actually a result of pigmentation and
inflammation which occurs due to your skin being exposed
to harmful UV rays of the sun.

Spots on the surface are easier to remove, but some stubborn
dark spots are rooted deep within the 3rd and deepest layer of the

Therefore, to get rid of dark spots for long term, it is
important to tackle them from the root within; otherwise, they keep coming

Pond’s has come up with a revolutionary formula called
‘GenWhite’. The New Pond’s White Beauty is made of the GenWhite formula which
is professionally designed for deep absorption. It smoothly goes inside your
skin, reaching the deepest layers and removing the dark spots from the root –
giving you a radiant on the outside!

Pond’s White Beauty’s GenWhite formula contains 3 main

1.       Fairness Actives, more simply known as Pro-Vitamins to lighten
skin, reduce dark spots and improve skin texture

Benefit Actives
to moisturize and soothe skin. They also prevent
oxidization which causes wear and tear. This destruction and disintegration of
the skin causes aging and more importantly, skin cells to die. The Allantoin in
Pond’s White Beauty acts as an Anti-Oxidant and keeps repairing the skin.

3.       Also,Triple Sun-Screens to protect against
harmful UV rays (UVA/UVB) of the sun.
Today I will be sharing my thoughts about recently relaunched Pond’s White Beauty Daily anti-spot fairness cream. When you are pregnant along with your body your skin goes thru a lot of change same happened with me and I got some bad dark spots on my face.  Luckily Pond’s was on a look out for women to take their Spotless Radiance 7 day challenge and I took it more than happily. 

Pond’s White Beauty Daily Anti-Spot Fairness Cream

My Experience with Cream 
The packaging of New Pond’s Daily Anti Spot cream is similar to Pond’s Whitening Glow Cream. The texture of Cream reminds me of very old vanishing cream which used to be a beauty staple for my mother. The texture of Pond’s White Beauty Spotless Radiance Cream is like whipped cream very light wearing, absorbs very quickly so you need to be really quick with the application else it will dry up. Just like other Pond’s products this cream has unique fragrance to it but it fades away quickly. I did not encounter any kind of rash or irritation with its usage. The best part this cream did not make my upper lip and nose sweaty.  First three days there was no change in the condition of my skin but fourth day I noticed it dried up my pimples. Fifth day my skin was a bit brighter and better. .
On Seventh day my skin was more radiant and those dark spot not completely vanished but definitely faded. 
Its been 10 days and I am using it on regular basis and I quite like the way it brightens my skin tone and heal up pimples. If you are someone who is looking for an affordable anti spot cream you must give it a try. The best part about Pond’s White Beauty Spotless Radiance is that its very reasonably prices. You can get a jar full for just PKR 220 from any leading store in Karachi. 

If you need more information about GEN White Formula check out pond’s official pages. 

Disclosure: The product was sent for review purpose. 


Upcoming Reviews & Happy New Year

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My Diet starts tomorrow =) AGAIN 

 Happy New Year 
May you have a Blessed one and I would like to thank you all for being awesome readers =)

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Tell me your new year’s resolutions.


Pond’s Active Cleansing System

Pond’s Daily Facewash with Active cleansing System

Hello readers and here I am with another Pond’s Face wash review for you guys. 

I purchased Pond’s Daily Face Wash Active Cleansing System thinking that almost all other Pond’s products have worked well on my skin & there is no harm in trying another one.
Product Description: 

Ponds daily face wash is gentle on skin. Active cleansing system cleans
gently and cares for your skin better than soap.Thoroughly cleanses
without leaving slippery feeling on skin. Suitable for normal, dry, oily
and combination skin type.

The face wash comes in white tube with a tight flip cap which ensures non-messy discharge of the product hence making this tube travel friendly. Pond’s Daily Face Wash with Active Cleansing System, just like all other pond’s products, also contain mild fragrance to it, which does not bother me what bothers me is that it
leaves behind very horrible slippery feeling which does not go away
even after washing my face with water for hundred times it remains
there. I did not encounter any kind of breakout with its usage it also cleanse my skin properly but I just can’t use it because it does not come off easily. It was very reasonably priced, I don’t really remember how much I paid for it but I guess it was around PKR 125 something. Its very easily available on all Superstores across Pakistan.  

 Tell me guys have you tried this one? Did it work for you? 
Disclosure: The product was purchased for personal use.