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Finally Tried Porefessional by Benefit!

Porefessional the pore minimizer by Benefit

Hello Wonderful Readers! I believe you have been well I recently tried Benefit Porefessional and decided to do a review on it. After using Porefessional, I knew that its going to be an integral part of my makeup routine. I know you guys must have red thousands of reviews of it but I wanted to do my OWN version. The packaging is pretty it comes in a foil sealed tube in a cute box with a leaflet guide.

What it is:
A professional balm that minimizes the appearance of pores.

What it does:
Quickly minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines and help makeup
stay put with this priming phenomenon. The silky and lightweight formula
can be worn under makeup to create a smoother-than-smooth canvas or
used throughout the day to mattify shine and touch up problem areas.
It’s so translucent, no one will know you’re wearing anything!

What else you need to know:
The oil-free formula contains vitamin E, which is known to protect skin from free radicals. 

My Experience:

Its basically a pre & post balm which is supposed to minimize the appearance of pores. Thank God, I don’t have huge pores but I sure have some on my nose and inner corners of my cheeks. I dab some product on my nose and inner corners of my cheeks before applying make up to smooth out pores, redness and unevenness. I would not say that my pores disappeared completely but this product definitely made a difference. I have never felt it become oily moreover, it also keeps my T-zone matte. As you can see it appears slightly colored in the pictures but it becomes transparent upon application. It tends to wear for three to four hours on me sometimes even less. I didn’t encounter any kind of breakouts with its usage plus it smells good too. Be careful, it has got Silicon as an ingredient so if you are someone who is allergic/sensitive to Silicon, than this product is not for you. If you are someone who has got very large pores then I believe you might not like this. I really wish it lasted a little more plus it did not stop sweating. Its one good product does not completely erase pores but does a good job in blurring them out. It’s really expensive, I would suggest you to get a sample before purchasing it. I have mine in 22ml tube which comes with a price tag of PKR: 3750.

Porefessional by Benefit
Benefit Porefessional Pro Balm

Upper picture bare face down picture Porefessioanl blended. Check out the inner corner of my nose.
you can get it from any Benefit Counter it retails for $30.
My Pakistani readers can get it from Beauty Unleashed
POREfessional deluxe: PKR 1250
POREfessional (22ml): PKR 3750
POREfessional (44ml): PKR 4950 and 
My UAE readers can get it from SEPHORA. 

Tell me guys have you tried it? What do you use to minimize your pores?


Pond’s Smooth Pore Tightening Facial Foam.

Pond’s Smooth Pores tightening facial foam

Hello Readers!

I believe you have been well.
Today I bring you a quick review of Pond’s smooth pore tightening facial foam. My open pore problem started with my pregnancy, well pregnancy is over but this pore problem is still with me. I have tried a couple of  Desi (home made) things to control it and then I came across this Facial Wash. 
What Pond’s Claim :
Advanced Pore Tightening Facial Foam with unique Glacial Clay. With a
blend of alpine glacial water and highly absorbing clay, it deeply
cleans pores to remove oil, dirt, make-up. It provides skin with an icy
cool feeling for a tightening effect, giving you clean, visibly
minimized pores. Skin feels refreshingly clean and silky smooth.
 My Experience:
As you can see in the picture this one has got the standard Pond’s packaging. The texture of this face wash is thick and it lasts really long. It has got soft kind of smell to it as well. 
It gives tingling kind of  icy cool sensation when I wash my face with it which is very refreshing.
 It is really good in removing my make up, excess oil and dirt from face. Well yes it did minimize my pores but just temporarily. I was expecting something more effective. What I really like about Pond’s face washes is that these are really good in quality and very reasonable priced. Well the sad part is that it takes away all the moisture from skin, though I have combination to oily skin but I moisturize my skin well after using it so I guess it wont work well for people with dry skin. 
Over all it is a good face wash which cleanse well and for a time being smooth the pores. It is widely available at super stores in Pakistan and it is priced at PKR 230 for 100ml.

Have you tried this one? Which is your favorite Pond’s face wash?