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LUSH Dubai Mall

LUSH Dubai Mall

LUSH Dubai Mall

LUSH Dubai Mall

LUSH has established as a socially responsible brand name. The recently revamped new outlet in Dubai Mall is made up of 85% recycled material.


This store propounds a free aroma therapy guaranteed to invigorate your senses even after a long long day.
This is our new ‘to-go’ place.

LUSH UAE CONCEPT STORE pampers three of our basic senses. The scent of various hand-made soaps, shampoos, moisturisers enliven your mind; the texture of distinctive soaps feels good against the skin and the gorgeous blend of colors with beautifully adorned interior makes you want to pause and stare for a long while.

LUSH Dubai Mall

Boxed Gifts at LUSH Dubai Mall

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Anahilwa The Orange Lipstick

Mikyajy Anahilwa Orange Lipstick
If you guys are a regular readers of my blog you must know that I picked up this beautiful orange lipstick form Makkah and forgot to write a review about it.
Anahilwa is a sub brand of Mikyajy and its quite reasonable one I must say.
Product Claim:
These moisturizing lipsticks promise high color pay off for everyday use. Choose from a rainbow of bright, vibrant colors for every occasion. 

 My Experience:
I have been using it for quite a while now I like the transparent packaging as you can see the actual color of the lipstick also these lipsticks carry the names of Saudi Cities.  The lipstick has got yummy texture its creamy, it glides on effortlessly and provides hydration to lips. This one is rich in pigments  just one swipe and you are good to go I have got mine in shade 09 Abhaqaiq. The only complain able thing about this lipstick is its staying powder it does not stay up on my lips for good period of time and it fades unevenly.

If you want one for yourself you need to check out Mikyajy Stores or their site. These lipsticks are very reasonable SR/AED 19. 


July Haul

Scentstation, Sephora, We makeup
Hello Ladies 
I have a little haul post for you guys today I got these things last month but I am posting with the title of July Haul =p Sorry!
 I got this Beautiful Fragrance Down Town by Calvin Klein from Scent station last month it was for PKR 7200. 
Down Town by Calvin Klein

Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer is on every beauty junkie’s wishlist these days even I got it recently from WE Makeup when The Balm was offering 50% off. She gave me very good price and I paid PKR 2150 for this including shipping. 

The Balm Mary Lou manizer by Wee makeup

 Since ages I
wanted to try this Smashbox Try it kit  recently a friend was coming
back from US and I asked my friend to get me this from Sephora. 
Smashbox try it kit is available at Sephora for $20.

Smashbox Try it kit from Sephora

Tell me have you tried any of this? Reviews shall be up soon.

Jeddah Haul

Jeddah Haul TBS, Mikyajy, Centerpoint,

Hello Girlies
I am here today with my haul posts from my trip to Saudia Arabia I didn’t buy much as I used to spend most of time in Mosque but you can’t stop a shopaholic completely. 
Not only hauls I have got couple of store reviews for you guys too so lets get started with haul number one this is my Jeddah Shopping. 

Details of the above picture. 

The body shop Love Etc Body Lotion for SR  46
The body shop Body Butter duo SR 79 
Midnight fantasy by Britney was a gift 

Celeste clutch
Clutch form Celeste original price SR 154 I got it for SR100 in sale
Ok these bags are not original bags these are first copies from left to right
Carolina Herrera SR 200
Michael kor SR 200
random bag I liked SR 175
The body shop Activist
Mikyajy Minx Lip Service

TBS Activist SR 130 
and these two lipsticks from Mikyajy each for SR 67

I have a yet not opened some of my packages I will post more soon. 
Tell me guys have you tried anything from above? 

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My visit to the Dubai Mall & Make over at SEPHORA


Hello Readers!
Today you will be reading “My Travel Diaries” post & this time I am going to talk about my Trip to Dubai Mall and a fun make over I took at SEPHORA and the luxury purchase I made. I went to Dubai Mall twice first trip just to shop and roam around and my second trip was a very special trip as I went solely to purchase a Louis Vuitton Hand Bag as my anniversary present ( yeah Lucky me).  Now lets get on with the details of The Mall, it might be average for people living in Dubai but it was the most spectacular mall for me, it was like an entire new city inside.
I saw many big malls in Malaysia but there was nothing like The Dubai Mall it’s a must place to visit if you are in Dubai I wish I get more chances to go to Dubai so I may explore this Mall in peace as once you are inside you wont remember anything of the outside. You will find every luxury brand in the Mall as it contains more than 12000 shops.
 The Mall is not a place for shopping only but it is also a lifestyle and entertainment destination as it has got an Aquarium, underwater Zoo, an Ice Rink, Multi screen
movie theater and the beautiful waterfall. Out Side the Mall there is this beautiful Dubai Musical Fountain which is another world’s biggest. The fountain is Illuminated at the night time and these fountains dance to the music.
They do a show every half an hour depends on the atmosphere conditions I was lucky enough to see two shows. I so badly wanna go to Dubai once again & shop like crazy as Its Asia’s Number One Shopping Destination. Here are some pictures I took from internet but after these few pictures you will find the one’s taken with my camera.
The Waterfall
The Musical Fountain
The Aquarium
The Waterfall one of the most photographed place
Here are some Cool Facts about The Dubai Mall.
The Dubai Mall I guess is one of the world’s largest Shopping mall.
The Mall has a total internal floor area of 5.9 million square
 It also has a 250-room luxury hotel, 22 cinema screens plus 120
restaurants and cafes.
The Mall has over 14,000 parking spaces across 3
car parks, with valet services and a car locator ticketing system

Below are the pictures taken from my camera.

Sun Set from Metro Window.
Burj AL Arab From Metro Window
If you take metro to Dubai Mall this the stop where you will wait for a bus to take you to the mall. One can also go by foot as the distance is not much, we took bus once and went on foot other time. You can see beautiful Burj Khalifa from this stop very clearly.
SEPHORA @ The Dubai Mall
As we had planned to hit night club(Barasti) after our dinner so I
thought why should I miss the golden opportunity to get my make up done from
SEPHORA. The name of the Makeup Artist was Lubna and she did my make over at
Georgio Armani Counter. I was in a hurry so she gave me a quick make over.
Giorgio Armani Counter SEPHORA @The Dubai Mall
Second day we just went there just to purchase a Louis Vuitton Hand Bag. Taking a picture was strictly prohibited inside the Louis Vuitton Outlet but I still managed to get two =p.
 I found myself in great difficulty as I was unable to decide which one should I pick as every other bag inside that Outlet was a beauty.
Finally I ended up purchasing  Brea MM.
Yes My husband declared himself bankrupt after this purchase =) The above picture features the bag I wanted to purchase but it was so darn expensive =p
I am going to make a separate post about Burj Khalifa & The Dubai Fountain wait for it. I hope you have enjoyed reading this one feedback would be really appreciated.